Jin Liming Lu's "Owners" | The ideal life is, what I like just happens to have all you have

What is breaking newsthe ideal life like?

Some people yearn for the urban neon, some people are happy, and some people strive to pursue the poems and the distance in their hearts ... Everyone has different choices for life, but the same is the common longing for the ideal life.

Beautiful, starting with the choice of inner heart.In Jin Liming Lu, everyone can find their own lifestyle. This is the realization of the ideal life and the arrival of a better life.This time, the beautiful life of Jin Liming Lu was told by the owner's family that in their mirror, reading every moment of heart in life.

—— Ms. Ye

42 -year -old enterprise executive

Construction of about 430 square meters of units

Purpose of Real Estate: Make self -occupation improvement

To appreciate the light of 10,000 hectares and be prosperous

It is the ideal life

The first reason is that the environment here is almost the best in Jiaxing.

Not far away, that is, the 4A -level tourist attraction of the Xiangjiadang country. The sparkling water on the shore of the lake reflects the blue sky, large flowers and green trees. The beauty of natural scenery is intoxicating.Here, every glance is blue sky and blue waves, and every breath will become extremely happy.

Remove tranquility and enters prosperity.There is a Shanghai-Jiajia Intercity Railway-Qixing Station (under construction) in the Xiangjiadang section, and it will be more convenient to travel to Shanghai afterwards; there are also Jiaxing Nanhu International Seven Star School, Jiaxing Second Hospital New Hospital (under construction), city No. 1Waiting for high -quality supporting facilities, whether it is children's education, the elderly, or daily leisure, it can get the greatest extent.(Specific school resources, the government is divided into division after delivery)

Good house in your mind

The sun is full of calmness everywhere

Choosing this set of villas is to like its extraordinary scale and wide living space.

The first layer of about 8.8 meters of large faces wide horizontal hall, bright atmosphere, whether it is a family dinner or an old friend carnival party, can be satisfied one by one;

There are three bedrooms on the second floor and a family hall. Parents and children have their own place.

The three -story whole floor is the main bedroom suite, which is the rejuvenation of the study, cloakroom, independent bathroom and Shuanglian Balcony. The comfort can be described as beyond imagination.

It is worth mentioning that there are about 5.7m high -level high -level, generous scale freedom pattern, and have natural lighting. In the future, according to family needs, create a gym, Tibetan wine room, family audio and video room, etc.Essence

Young and fun are always happy

There is a beautiful look of life here

The most preferred in my heart is the garden courtyard and private terrace.

Open the door, the southbound garden courtyard, which is seen, is about 8.8m wide. It is full of breeze, sunlight, and full of scenery.The courtyard is also the morning exercise field of parents and the children's amusement parks. Starting in the morning to practice Tai Chi, chase and play in the evening ... Ideal life is to become a happy daily life here.

What's more, there is a terrace on the top floor. The field of vision is clear and open, and the world is natural.At the beginning of the lantern, this is also an excellent private observation platform for the night view of the city.

The opportunity to enter the main city villa has become more and more rare.Jin Liming Luming, launching a quality lifestyle for the peak characters, and carried the infinite reveries of everyone for the main city and lake residence.The noodles are about 380-430㎡ lakeside linked villas, with a seat, and they are hidden from time to time.