Life is just one word: boil

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Yang Yan said:

"Everyone will have an extremely difficult time."

She also wrote in "Benefits to Life":

"In this 爆炸新闻world of material desires, life is really bitter enough."

Life has always been unsatisfactory, and life is sometimes bitter. You have to learn to boil.

There is a cloud in the poem:

"Life is like a pot of porridge.

It is suitable to see the heat Xu, sweet and sour, and the bitterness is from Zhang Luo."

The rice oil and salt in life seem to be flat, ordinary, but three meals a day.

This kind of bland, even with a trace of painful and boring, in fact, you also need to go slowly yourself.

When you are used to it, you can get the fireworks and taste it. If you have a taste, you will feel that the fireworks on the earth are really warmer.

At a warm heart, it is often aware of it. Really beautiful, you also need to have a patience to encounter it.

Boiling is a test of life

Life needs to be treated with a playful attitude.

Facing the impermanence of the world and the heavy life, all beings are difficult, and the public is suffering.

However, in addition to bitterness, life is sweet.

Where does the sweetness come from?In fact, from the hardship.

The writer said:

"In everyone's life, there are a few non -eaten cold rice that can't be eaten, and you must swallow."

The days are obscure, and people need to be tired and suffer some sins in a bad situation.

Only after surviving, only if you dare to go to boil, can you come out again and again in the false years.

Over the loneliness, the helplessness, and the ignorance, we can be independent, strong, and wisdom.

As in "Centennial Solitude" says:

"Life will eventually be a single travel. Before loneliness, it is confused, and it is growth after loneliness."

Every step in life, whether it is climbing over or crossed by, is based on the "boil" as the foundation.

Only through the sores in life can we see the dawn in the darkness.

Boiled, to sublimate

The embarrassment of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of academic studies, and the harm of feelings, these suffering may be faced and experienced.

In other words, when suffering becomes something that must be experienced in life, can we really escape or stay away?

Reality is impossible. In this life, people will undergo a variety of temptations, stress, pain, and impermanence.

The real strong is never afraid of cooking or fear of any dilemma.

As Yu Hua wrote in the preface of "Alive":

"People live to live, not to live for anything other than alive."

If you live, you must live a little more.

No matter how big the difficulty, one day, a little bit, one day, the problem will be resolved.

Painter Chen Danqing said:

"You have to start with small things, save yourself inch, one inch."

Indeed, the more you go forward, the more you adhere to the goal, the path of life will extend longer in the years where we walk forward.

Starting from small things, starting from what can persist, walking slowly, slowly boiling, there will always be a sky and 10,000 hope.

There is a classic dialogue in French writer Bo Wawa:

"Do you really love life?"

"Yes, I love life."

"You have never had pain?"

"A few times, but the pain itself is also life."

Life is alive, pain is also life, happiness is also life.

Since life cannot always be happy, it means that life will not always be painful.

In the pain, taking out the mentality of the strong self -consciousness, in the suffering, slowly crossing the other side and seeing the flowers on the shore.

Martin once said:

"Everyone who has gritted his teeth and spent a period of time that no one helped, no one supported, and no one booed warmly."

We must always believe that every time in life and every torment is living for your new choice, new hope.

As for whether you can catch it, can you hold it, whether you can keep it, it depends entirely on you.

Finally, I hope that everyone can give themselves a momentum and courage to the end of the face of life.

Just as San Mao said in "Send You Horse":

"The heart is like a fascination, thousands of miles away, and there is no boat son to cross people.