Light the lights with sincerity!"Living in Each Life" to explore new ideas

  "For many years,热门新闻 the concept of home is getting more and more blurred, but after watching the show, I want to go home early this year to celebrate the New Year." A few days ago, "Living in Each Life" presented by my love with me and Jia Zhangke ushered in the collection.According to the official collection, a netizen commented that the voice of many audiences came out.Since the broadcast on November 15th, this program with "life" as its core issue has caused a lot of warm discussions on social media with strong documentary and topicality in social media.

  As the leader of the sixth -generation director, Jia Zhangke has deeply discussed the "life" in the film. His works are good at using the lives of villains as the big era. The style is documentary and the meaning is long."Living in Each Life" is the first time that Jia Zhangke talks about "life" in the form of a show outside the movie.The show focuses on the unique huge community -1.4 billion Chinese people. Focusing on the keyword "life", with the help of six representative guest life stories, the relationship between living and people in the new era has been fully demonstrated.The possibility of life.

  Such a "Slow Talk" program, which is positioned as an interview with Jia Zhangke in the film, broadcasts at the end of the year, not only reflects the public's demand for high -quality content, but also reflects people's recognition of diverse life, which fully proves excellent humanistic works.Can cross the age and circle, directly hit the audience's soul and trigger thought and emotional resonance.

  Taking the Chinese individual as the era cut the pulse, insight in the big changes and love for life love

  In "Entering Each Life", celebrities or celebrity guests are not restricted to individual aura, but as an important model of current issues. In the in -depth interviews, openly open their life experiences, presenting the rich choices and choices and choices of life to the audienceMany possibilities.From his unique observation perspective, Jia Zhangke "see", "identity" and "sharing" with guests, from the "home" of physical space to the humanistic value exploration and excavation of "lifestyle"Essence

  In the show, guests including Director Dapeng, singer Liu Lian, architect Lian Yirui, actor Ni Hongjie, Xu Weizhou, Hao Lei and other guests all shared their experiences from their hometown to the city.Dapeng from Jilin Ji'an once used singers as a dream, and chose to become a director on the road of dreaming, and projected the dream road of young people in the town into film creation.Liu Lian walked out of the collective life of the old factory area. She used music to tell the anxiety and choice of the younger generation, looking back at every ordinary life she encountered.The three actors have their own focus. Ni Hongjie admits that her childhood that grew up on Lamuli, Huaihai Road, shape her sensitive and service -oriented personality. Her desire for her home has also become a source of inspiration for her different roles.In the urban life, Xu Weizhou chose "slow", brewing his rich inner world like brewing, and using warm homes as a shelter of pressure and anxiety; Hao Lei, who has repeatedly caused heated discussions, frankly claimed that he was frankly claimed to be herself in the program.I like to walk on the streets in the city, observe the lives of different people, and discover the interesting of the daily fireworks into their own performances.

  When the guests faded away the aura of celebrities, the real and simple life sharing evoked the deep resonance of the audience. "Dianzilou", "collective toilet" and "North Drift Rental House" appeared in the barrage from time to time.Huang's collective memory also evokes everyone's intuitive feelings about the changes in urban and rural areas and hard work.

  In addition to the content of the show, Liu Lian joined hands with me to love my family's column theme song "Endless", pushing the collective resonance of this city life to a climax: "This is not my hometown, but the home of my life."Under the launch of my love for my family, netizens contributed many real life clips for MV. The young couple first bought a house, children went to school, and went to the postgraduate entrance examination ... People worked hard to live for happiness and worked the soul for the MV.Even Liu Lian couldn't help "seeing crying."

  Within 1 hour of MV release, more than 1,000 heart -up music reviews and perceptions were harvested. Many netizens moved their stories that they worked hard in the city.They believe that through the show not only to see the small rejuvenation of everyone's life, but also made more people realize that the civilization of a city is not just depends on how many high -rise buildings it has, but it depends on how much it can provide to the citizensGet sense and happiness.

  Explore new ideas of urban people's lives, and be a happy life service at the beginning of 23 years

  The process of urbanization in my country has continued to advance, and the tremendous changes in urban and rural areas have brought about changes in people's lives, but also bringing higher demand for urban development in the new era.

  "I used to be neighboring with my classmates when I was in school. After starting work, I lived in the subway. After having children, I lived with a baby." In the fourth episode, the program invited Tsinghua University architect Lian Yirui to sit in the town.In the interview, he mentioned that urban development must improve and take care of the life experience of civilians, and every dime must be used on the blade. Taking Beijing as an example, emphasizing the completeness of urban supporting facilities, the creation of the living circle and the upgrading of convenience services for the convenience of urban areasThe importance of providing happiness for more ordinary people to more ordinary people.

  As a joint product, I love my house to echo the view of Lian Yirui practically.Since its establishment 23 years, I love my family to help the city become a space for the people to live a high -quality life of the people: give full play to the aggregation role of the store, establish a closer cooperation with the community, and provide a new idea for the planning and governance of the city, and for the integration of villages and towns to integrate the village and townsContribute.Behind the root of the city and the community, I love my family not only meets the demand for the "change of houses" and "improvement" generated by the flow of population, but also helps to form an invisible network with stores, so that 15 minutes of living circle and circle are more completeThe fusion makes the whole city more livable.

  During the broadcast of the show, the "" Entering Every Life "Image Story Exhibition" was also launched simultaneously in my favorite community stores in my family.The beautiful life fragmented by the residents of the community, sinking into the community through the form of a film festival through I love my store to help more community residents see the beauty of life, see every kind of life "heart security", feel every one, feel every one.Alien can be "my hometown", which is also the original intention of my love for my family and Jia Zhangke to create a show.

  I love my family and the development of the times. I always take the mission of "stimulating everyone, every family, and every city about the home".By".Faced with more diversified and more complicated consumer needs, and the eager pursuit of consumers for a better life, I love all my agents who will further assume the role of "diverse life -assisted persons" to help each city fightThose who find a sense of belonging and accompany them to grow up in the city.