Make learning a lifestyle: Digital help lifelong learning

Since December, the "let learning becomes a method of life" has been intensively launched in Beijing, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Yunnan and other places, and relying on digital empowerment lifelong learning has become a common keyword.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the education modernization system, digital transformation has become an important "driving force" for building a high -quality lifelong learning system.Many people participate in learning, making lifelong learning become the normal social state.

Xie Qianyun, the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that further promoting the digitalization of educational education can provide effective support for personalized learning, lifelong learning, expanding the coverage of high -quality educational resources and modernization of education.

In order to promote life -long learning of the whole people, in September this year, the Ministry of Education issued a notice of the "Key Mission of Learning Society Construction". The document clearly stated that digitalization of education is used as a "multiplier" in promoting the construction of a learning society to promote various types of education types, A variety of resources and elements, build a network, digital, personalized, and lifelong education system, build a lifelong learning service system that everyone can learn, can learn everywhere, and always learn from time to time, and provide strong support for the construction of education to strengthen the country.

The rise of emerging technologies such as Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence has promoted the co -creation and sharing of high -quality educational resources, enriched the channels and resources of lifelong learning, and also provided learners with more targeted learning services to meet diversificationPersonalized learning needs.Artificial intelligence can enhance the self -assessment and self -regulating ability of learners through visual analysis, personalized recommendation, emotional identification and other methods, promote the development of learners' meta -cognitive development, and form the inherent motivation of lifelong learning.

The development of digital technology has also promoted the construction of the national smart education public service platform, expanded the coverage of the lifelong learning education system, and ensure that the lifelong learning education system can serve more individuals.Since the official launch of the National Smart Education Public Service Platform on March 28, 2022, it has continuously enriched resources, expands the fields, and has been upgraded. Today, it has become the world's largest education and teaching resource bank.According to statistics, as of now, the platform's cumulative views have reached 26 billion times, and the number of visitors exceeds 1.92 billion people. Visiting users cover more than 200 countries and regions, realizing the vision of everyone's learning, learning everywhere, and always learning.

The construction of lifelong learning of the whole people is inseparable from the participation of the public. The construction of life for life is inseparable from the public's participation. Family and communities also play an important role in promoting lifelong learning concepts and practice.

Entering the family is the first step to build a lifelong learning.The family is the first school of the child, and the parents are the first teacher of the child.Parents lead by example. Creating the atmosphere of learning can not only achieve their own progress, but also drive children to develop the habit of learning from childhood. The emergence of intelligent education products can be used as a personalized learning path through intelligent evaluation in the family environment to cultivate life for life to cultivate lifelong life.Learning habits provide more help.

Inglish intelligent English learning solution, which has many years of research experience for family education, believes that the use of parents' demonstrations and the use of intelligent learning solutions are indispensable in family education. A strong learning atmosphere and the appropriate learning path are more helpful.Stimulated children's learning interest in virtual.IENGLISH Intelligent English Learning solution uses functions such as big data to plan personalized learning paths for learners through learning data analysis, and provide learners with massive learning resources.At the same time, it is equipped with "parent circle" and intelligent testing as scientific companionship.

Entering the community requires all levels of education administrative departments at all levels to actively cooperate with local communities to promote the social concept and value of life -long learning of the whole people.Lifetime learning interactive platform and project.For example, Huangpu District, Shanghai builds a community (elderly) school to help the elderly integrate into digital life by using micro -classes; Changsha City advocates lifelong learning activities to enter the community.Class network construction has achieved 100%coverage of community learning centers in the district.

"Learning is a pursuit that allows life to continue to bloom in growth," said the relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Education Bureau.With the continuous development of education digitization, more people will carry express cars in the information age and share the results of digital technology development.The construction of the digital education resource service system will promote my country's lifelong learning system to develop in a higher level and higher quality direction.