Perspective of the Premier League: West Ham United VS Brighton

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  Hello everyone, my name is Linghu Chong.A many years of entertainment players, familiar with various gameplay; now become an analyst in the event, and share my views and experiences with the competition with you.

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  The core analysis idea of Kudong is the relevant intelligence of the two teams (war intelligence, player injury intelligence, tactical intelligence intelligence, etc.) combined with the understanding of the data atmosphere; choosing the right field and important event intelligence are the key to winning.


  The weekend was shared the views of the four games. The results were very ideal. There was no defeat.Today I will continue to share with you the Premier League. Friends in need, please check.

  Number 003: West Ham United VS Brighton

  Type of the event: England Super League

  Time: 2024-01-03 03:30

  At 3:30 in the morning of January 3, 2024, the 20th round of the England Super League, West Ham United was waiting for Brighton's arrival at its home London Olympic Stadium.

  The hammer helped West Ham United in the historical confrontation with Brighton, which was at a laid -ups, but this season, they seem to have found a strategy to restrain their opponents, and the team's recent financial situation has also greatly boosted the morale of the players.EssenceShakek, captain of the Czech Republic/team team, undoubtedly stabilized the army for the team.

  On the other hand, Brighton was severely damaged by the rear defense line. Deng Ke's suspension made the Seagull Corps defender. Even if Wellster was expected to come back, the state of the long -term battle array could adapt to high -intensity games.Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the Brighton team was in good atmosphere, and Chairman Tony Bloom won the British Empire Medal and Milner's upcoming good news.