On December 20th, the net value of the high -quality life hybrid of Guangfa fell 1.05%

exclusive informationFund nameFund codeexpiration dateWeekly net value growth rate (%)Monthly net value growth rate (%)Annual net value growth rate (%)Guangfa Consumption Leading Mixed C0126912023-12-19-3.70-6.64-20.24Guangfa Consumption Leading Mixed A0126902023-12-19-3.69-6.61-19.93Guangfa stable return hybrid A0099512023-12-20-1.43-4.00-6.20Guangfa stable return hybrid C0099522023-12-20-1.44-4.03-6.58Guangfa Ruisheng Mixed C0120342023-12-20-2.59-9.95-11.63Guangfa Ruisheng Mixed A0120332023-12-20-2.59-9.92-11.29Guangfa High -quality Life Mixed C0180042023-12-20-1.71-6.06-Guangfa High -quality Life Mixed A0082732023-12-20-1.69-6.01-18.41Guangfa Rui Xuan's three -year holding period mixed0105942023-12-20-2.48-6.06-21.69