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Party Daily Reporter Bamin Investigation Bank | Life in "Circle" is "near" and enjoys convenience

The old man dine in the Fuzhou Governor's Canteen.Photo by You Qinghui, a reporter from Fujian Daily

  Reported on December 21, Southeast Network (Zheng Yan, a reporter from Fujian Daily)

  Core tip

  For a moment, it takes time for ordinary people to walk for 1000 meters.Within this space and space, residents can enjoy the need for basic life. This is the original intention of creating a "one -minute clock".

  In May 2021, 12 departments including the Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of the Civil Life Circle of the City" and the pilot plan, and proposed that since the construction of the people in the people's life in the city "The three places have been selected into the nation's pilot, and the rest of the city also actively promoted in combination with their own actual situation.

  How does this "circle" truly unblock the "microcirculation" of consumption, solve the "big problem" of life, and the "circle" out of the sense of happiness and gain of residents?The reporter visited the province to understand more.

  No "circle" happy life

  Go downstairs to participate in the rehearsal of the folk band in the morning, go to the "Elderly Canteen · Academy" dinner at noon, and learn chess skills with your neighbors in the afternoon.This is the day of Lin Jianqiu, a resident of the second district of Fenghu New City, Hongshan Town, Gulou District, Fuzhou.There are also free haircuts for the elderly every week.If necessary, turn to a healthy hut when you turn around. Patients with chronic diseases can be re -examination.

  These activities are concentrated in the neighborhood sharing space with a total area of 1056 square meters.Before the transformation, it was just a messy overhead layer.

  Many residents did not understand the specific use and service objects of the shared space of the neighborhood at first. They even proposed to obeys during the transformation. Xie Shaohua was one of them."Seeing the efforts of the community and the neighborhood committee, and the actual effect of the neighborhood sharing space, now I want to make a great praise for it!" Xie Shaohua said.

  Fenghu Community is a typical "village -to -residence" community with a permanent population of more than 12,000. In 2007, this piece has undergone large -scale demolition. Now most of them are residents who have relocated resettlement.Taking Fenghu New City No. 2 district as the center of the center, the basic guarantee formats such as the surrounding convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hardware stores, barber shops, bank outlets, etc. are all available.Essence"Such a good living environment, I dare not think about it in the past." Lin Jianqiu said with a smile.

  As the first batch of cities in the country's "one -minute clock" pilot cities, Fuzhou introduced the pilot construction work plan to promote the "one -minute clock clock" pilot construction work plan in October 2021. It will incorporate the construction of the people's life circle into the key project of the municipal government to protect the people's livelihood.The promotion of its construction work is included in the content of the municipal performance assessment. It is planned to build at least 10 people in the people's life circle each year from 2021 to 2025. The satisfaction of residents in the pilot area reaches more than 85 %.

  Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the needs of the masses to enjoy multiple life services nearby, on the basis of the people's district, Fuzhou Gulou District has proposed to create 25 collections of "medicine, food, support, industry, industry, purchasing, healthy, learning, raising, raising,, raising, raising,.Love "in one," multi -circle unity "" one -hour happiness circle "," one -minute clock is the people's life circle "and" a moment of happiness circle ", although the name is different, the function is the same.

  In the St. Lake community located in the central area of Fengze District, Quanzhou City, the reporter also found a strong fireworks.

  From the south gate of Shenghu Community, to Fengze Street, Main Street, there are several small shops with keys with keys, changing clothes, and selling farm vegetables. There are only a few square meters, which greatly increases the convenience of residents' lives.

  It ’s not far from the community to Fengze Street. Within 100 meters along the street, there are two chain supermarkets, one seafood supermarket, two barber shops, and large pharmacies in the two -meter chain of Yongxiang Meng and Yuanchu Food."If you encounter a rainy day, many merchants here will prepare umbrellas and other utensils for residents; supermarket staff will be able to see things older, as long as they are not busy, they will take the initiative to help them go upstairs, very warm."An old man living in the St. Lake community enthusiastically introduced to reporters.

  There are many types of "small shops" that are intertwined like gears, and they are together into large territories for residents to facilitate life.

  The "introduction" service is also intimate.In June this year, under the guidance of the Quanzhou Commerce Bureau and other departments, relying on the service platform of the "Party Construction +" neighborhood center of the Shenghu Community, nearly 20 housekeeping enterprises entered the community to bring practical infants and cleanliness to the residents and the masses.Wait for the convenience services such as housekeeping skills and home appliance cleaning, to popularize the new concepts and knowledge of housekeeping services to residents, and create new spaces for service docking.This service platform is another way to present the "one -minute clock".

  "Through centralized display and docking, several housekeeping companies have now officially settled in the community. With the resident point, the trust of the housekeeping services is more trustworthy, which can ensure that the housekeeping services are nearly convenient and effective."Director Li Yinyin introduced.

  In recent years, the pace of urban renewal has accelerated and people's consumption level has improved, especially in the core area business district and regional business district, the level of modernization has been significantly improved; but at the same timeUnemployment of outlets, old facilities, old and new technologies, new technologies, new models, and new models and new models have inadequate development.

  Studies have shown that the average time of urban residents spent about 75 % in the community. It is estimated that by 2035, about 70 % of the population in my country lives in urban communities.The urban community will become the basic unit to provide basic public services and carry out grass -roots governance in the society, and at the same time, it will become the basic scenario for the people of the general public to achieve a better life.

  In this context, in May 2021, 12 departments including the Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a Civil Life Circle of the City", and proposed that the construction of the basic consumption of daily life within the scope of about 15 minutes of walking in residents can meet the basic consumption of daily life.Community business district with multi -business consumption multi -business.

  After more than two years, in July of this year, 13 departments including the Ministry of Commerce and other departments also studied and formulated the "Three -year Action Plan for the Construction of the City of Life in the City (2023-2025)".Important carrier to ensure and improve people's livelihood, restore and expand consumption.The plan is clear that we must strive to transform the resident's "demand list" into a "satisfaction list" of "one -minute clock".

  A "circle" and one strategy, "circle" out of characteristics

  The city's "one -minute clock is the people's life circle" accompanied by community business development. One end connects community residents, and one end is connected to many small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. It is the "capillaries" of Unicom's economic and social microcirculation.

  Professor Xu Anxin, Executive Vice President of the Fujian Wholesale Retail Industry Association, analyzed that due to the different development levels of localities, the Ministry of Commerce proposed the "six one", that is, the development of "one shop early in the morning" (convenience store, breakfast shop)Xiu "(Vegetable Farm, Xiaoxiu Xiaocu Service) and so on.From the original foundation of Fujian, the development of convenience stores, pharmacies, catering and other formats is relatively mature.For example, in the "2023 China City Convenience Store Development Index", Xiamen has ranked first in the country for four consecutive years; Fuzhou has the reputation of "small catering capital" in the national catering market.These formats focus on the improvement of quality, taking the road of branding, chain, and intelligent.Government departments can increase positive guidance and incentives.

  But there are still some needs that should not be ignored.For example, the service proposed by the action plan is "one old and one young" (old -age care, child custody), and it is increasingly becoming a rigid need for community residents.

  What is missing and what is weak.

  To create a "one -minute clock", the key is to adapt to local conditions, combine the characteristics and advantages of the region, and twist all the forces into a rope, and make articles around the needs of residents to make the "life circle" more distinctive.

  There are more well -known public and private schools such as Quanzhou Experimental Middle School, the second primary school of Fengze District, and the second primary school of Fengze District, and the St. Lake Kindergarten. Residents are very convenient to pick up and send school -age children.Under the establishment of the institution, the community focuses on creating the "Book Fragrant Lake" brand. It not only has the "one -stop" educational resources from kindergartens to middle schools, but also a relatively complete young support facilities and rich senior classrooms."Circle" is talked about by residents.

  In the morning on Thursday, I walked into the elderly school in the "Party Building +" neighborhood center of the St. Lake Community. In the ongoing chorus class, more than 20 elderly people were singing under the command of the teacher.They looked at each other, and some were still holding a beat. The tracks of the day were "Our common home".

  "Usually sending grandson to school for about 10 minutes. After sending the children, they just came to class. They learned calligraphy, opera opera, and painted paintings ... The course was very rich. After class, he just took the child to school and his life was full."Resident Li Minjie said.

  According to Li Yinyin, community residents generally have high humanities and attach importance to spiritual needs.From the initial establishment of interest groups to the development of the Shenghu Elderly Teaching Demonstration site of Quanzhou Community University, today's teachers are more professional, and 17 courses have been opened.The goal of inviting excellent teachers into the school of "home" is not only convenient, but also pay attention to the quality of the curriculum, so that residents have a sense of learning, obtaining things, and success.

  In Li Yinyin's view, the "city of the world" Quanzhou is not only full of historical charm, but also full of fireworks on earth.One by one "one -minute bell, the people's life circle" related to the people's livelihood is also a lively footnote for Quanzhou City's "seeing people and seeing things".


  Fenghu New City has many pre -school and school age. In recent years, many education sectors such as education, kindergarten, custody, and community youth palace have been landed one after another.The neighborhood sharing space also created a children's growth service station, and parents can bring their baby with peace of mind without going out of the community.

  The introduction of resources is inseparable from the Fuzhou Runlou Education Technology Group Co., Ltd., which is subordinated by Fuzhou Gulou Kingdom.

  Lin Lin, general manager of Runlou Education Technology Group, takes the childcare institution as an example. Combining with the actual situation of many preschool children in the jurisdiction, Fenghu Community introduces the Gulou Guojun Jasmine Treaty Service Agency for 6 months to 36 months.Children provide a flexible and diverse childcare service system.In addition to the full -day care, there are also forms before entry experience, half -day care, and temporary trust to meet the diverse needs of the family.With the support of the community, the cost of the venue is relatively low. At present, the maximum expenditure of the nursery institution comes from the teacher's salary."Under the premise of ensuring quality, leaving a meager profit space, the institutional charges have a certain advantage over the market price, and parents are still very welcome."

  Through visiting, Lin Lin found that in fact, many communities have idle venues, but the community itself has a lot of affairs.Faced with the needs of residents, how to revitalize idle assets through third -party forces, serve residents through low -paying fees, and feed the community?"Based on the construction of the" Happy Circle "under the moment of the Drum Tower area, I think we can still have a large penetration space." She said.

  The model drives more communities to "out of the circle"

  A larger "one -moment bell happiness circle" model project is being built -jointly created by the Gulou District of Gulou District, Fuzhou City, and a designed to innovate the "one -quarter clock" service for community residentsThe appearance of the "Shuli Happiness" community complex in the pattern is gradually clear.

  Near noon, the elderly cafeteria on the first floor of the "Shu Pats Happiness" on Pingtung Road Shuxiang Red Wall Xinyuan, Fuzhou, ushered in the citizens who came to dine.In the rising heat, chain catering brands such as Xianxian, Yungyuan Canteen, Qingkouqing and other chain catering brands entered in the form of stalls. The dining area with a bright color is equipped with a handrail chair and exclusive dining position for the elderly.Not only do you provide rice sets here, but also local characteristic fishing, packaging points, porridge, etc. The business hours are open from 6:30 in the morning to 10 pm, and the elders can enjoy special benefits.

  According to Liu Haibo, the general manager of Yizhong City Operation Company, a subsidiary of Drum Tower, which is responsible for the project operation, introduced that this parent canteen adopts a partnership model. As the main body of the operation, the company is not only responsible for the design and external promotion of the preliminary decoration, but also responsible for the subsequent quality.Control, restaurant on -site management, etc.The venue is provided by the community for free, and does not collect rent from the catering merchant who settled in, but takes a turnover point.The latter is only responsible for sending operating employees and stalls, focusing on providing better products and services.

  Why choose to open to all citizens?Liu Haibo explained that this can attract more passenger flow and ensure a certain profit space to enhance the sustainability of the project. The elderly are still the ultimate beneficiaries.

  Because it is close to primary and secondary schools, the project on the third, fourth and fifth floors is planned as education -related formats, and it is also operated by Runlou Education.

  According to Liu Haibo, in addition to the next building, the online platform relies on the Drum Tower Happiness Plan to provide various convenient services such as community group purchase, pension accompanying, housekeeping cleaning, and home appliance maintenance.

  Right now, "Shutou Happiness" is still recruiting partners to mature and open one, and continuously enrich the convenient form."This is also a new format for our company. We hope to create a copy of a copy that allows everyone to know that happiness is really sensible." Liu Haibo said that of course, each community must develop differentiated development ideas.

  According to the data released by the Provincial Department of Commerce earlier this month, 196 "one -minute clocks of people's life circles" have been built in our province, including 167 in Fuzhou, 23 Xiamen, and 6 in Quanzhou.

  In cities that are not included in the national pilot, Zhangzhou, Putian, and Longyan are actively integrating business development funds, promoting community business format innovation, management innovation, and service innovation, and supporting the community to carry out diversified transformation and upgrading; Sanming City, Nanping CityThe Ningde City and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone also further optimized the business environment, coordinated the community comprehensive service facilities, coordinated with the community business outlets, and vigorously organized the construction of the people's living circle.

  For the construction of the "one -minute clock", Xu Anxin believes that it is necessary to play the leading and leading role of government planning, but also to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the market and society to form a pattern of co -construction and co -governance sharing.

  Xu Anxin suggested that commercial facilities should be reasonably planned, vigorously develop community business, and provide necessary carriers for the development of the convenience life circle stores, and provide space for the development of the store in the store in accordance with the principles of balance and convenience; adhere to the integration of work and life, in the industry, in the industryA group of living services such as leisure and entertainment, education and training, medical health, and hairdressing are deployed in the gathering area.At the same time, it is assisted by the special formats such as chain small catering, housekeeping custody, and popular teahouses to improve the quality of business formats in the convenience living circle.

  Right now, the "Three -year Action Plan for the Construction of the People's Life Circle of Fujian Province (2023-2025)" is being formulated.By 2025, our province is expected to achieve more than 80 % of the urban area "one -minute clock" coverage.Hundreds of cities, thousands of circles, and thousands of enterprises are connected. Being a good life can be "out of the circle" without having to get out of "circle".