Family archives: Witness the change of the times with life memory

  Zhejiang Online December 21 (Correspondent Yuan Ping)A photo,时事热点 a newspaper, a bill, a diary ... A exquisite family file can allow people to see the changes in an era from an inconspicuous object.

  At the house of Aunt Xu, the resident of Lianxingxin Village, Qianyuan Town, Deqing County, Huzhou City, a line of archive boxes were neatly arranged on the bookcase.Aunt Xu joined the team collected by the family archives in 2017, and distributed more than 10 boxes of collected data. The content was divided into 8 categories of 8 categories such as student days, work footprints, medical care, bill documents, and photos.Many of them are the notes and documents necessary for Aunt Xu's early life and study, which have been completely preserved.Aunt Xu pointed to the work certificate she had used when she was young, saying that these data documents recorded her decades of life changes. After leisurely, they turned over these long memories.There are some usually some paintings. Aunt Xu retired at home and was one of the members of the Elderly Painting and Calligraphy Association of Qianyuan Town.Through gradual arrangement, it not only provides convenience for life, but also adds affection for the family, but also enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the family.

  Family archives, refreshing by others: those who are suspected of being troublesome, and bring them together into different file boxes or archive bags; and those who pay attention to taste can be more delicate, different categories, pleasing to the eye.

  The thick "family file" records the past years, which is also the epitome of the happy life of residents.


  It is understood that in 2013, the Deqing County Archives Society launched a activities to collect family archives.Qianyuan Town Archives actively responded. The first batch of 10 households was determined to carry out collection activities, and provided everyone with archive boxes and technical guidance.As of the end of 2022, nearly 20 people in Qianyuan Town have participated in the team of family archives.