Family drama shows the new appearance of contemporary social life

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  With the development of the times, as the basic unit of society, the family has achieved a comprehensive modern transformation from structure, division of labor to concepts.These changes are intuitively reflected in the creation of family drama in recent years: "Little Life" starts with the story that happened after a husband and wife decided to change the house, and convey how much to worry about profit and loss, and after all, the life concept of Xiao Man is winning.The survival status and realistic dilemma of a family of three generations, thinking about the problems such as marriage, pension, and workplace that adults need to face ... These family dramas are like a mirror of the people's spiritual appearance and the spiritual temperament of the times, reflecting a variety of social expressions, moreSocial relationships contain the problem of relationships between people in contemporary language, the relationship between people and families and society, and the conflict and integration of modern ideas and traditional concepts behind them.Therefore, from the perspective of the modernization of the family to analyze the artistic characteristics and value orientation of family dramas in recent years, it will provide a unique perspective for dynamically grasping the trajectory of family dramas and the status of Chinese social development.

  family structure:

  From the same similarities to rich and diverse

  The academic community generally use changes in family structure and family relationships as an important criterion for modern families.In recent years, due to the huge number of migrants between urban and rural areas and aging population, the Chinese family structure has undergone profound changes.The size of the family has shrunk. The core families consisting of two generations of married couples and unmarried children replaced the mainstream families of their parents, a couple of married children and other families, and became the mainstream of Chinese society.The proportion of "one person household" and "two -person households" has increased significantly. Special family forms such as young people and empty nest elderly people have become the focus of the society.

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  The changes in the family structure are reflected in the creation of family dramas. It is manifested as a large number of family dramas such as "Little Man Life" and "Great Examination" that mainly expresses the main performance objects, andThe TV series such as "Dragon City", which focuses on cousins and brothers, appeared.These works present a more rich and diverse Chinese family form, and cut into the physical texture of life -related topics such as "whether to have a second child" and "how parents care for the elderly" and other topics that are closely related to reality.In the process, the challenges such as parent -child relationship, husband and wife feelings, intergenerational communication and other challenges need to be faced rationally.

  The change of family structure affects people's family concepts.The creator captured this social trend with a keen vision, keeping pace with the times in the materials, and no longer sticking to the tradition of blood -related families."Beautiful to You", "Family name", "890" presents the special family model of "one daughter, two dads", "two dads and three daughters", "two young people and a group of old people", which are manifested inFamily stories that accompany each other in life, or have the love of raising, stimulate the audience's discussion on topics such as "blood and raising affection", and interpret the theme of "blood margin cannot define affection, but love can".This not only innovates the narrative form of family dramas, but also deepen the public's understanding of the family and depicts a broad scroll of social life.

  Social division of labor:

  Break the "inner and female of the male lead" mode

  The image of a woman supports the "half of the sky" of family dramas.With the continuous improvement of women's social status, more and more women are employed and entrepreneurship, active in all walks of life, participating in increasingly important social division of labor, and have more right to speak in family affairs management.Correspondingly, the shape of the character of family dramas has also changed profoundly.In the past, most of the family dramas were dominated by male characters. Female characters appeared with the "other" image under the gaze of male characters or men.In recent years, family drama creations that have emerged in recent years have jumped out of this kind of female image -shaped labeling, and face -to -face women's perseverance, being able to conspiracy, and independent self -strongness, and consciously respond to the creation of "what kind of female characters need screens" on the screen ".ask.A number of female images such as Gu Qingyu and Zhang Chunmei in "Heart Live" stood out.They have the courage to explore the possibility of life outside the family identity. They have the ability to control their destiny, both in the family or in the workplace.

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  In recent years, the role of men and women in their families has also changed.Many families broke the traditional "inner and female inner female" model, and began to distribute housework in accordance with the actual situation.Qiao Erqiang in "The Children of the Qiao Family" and Lin Dawei in "Juvenile 2", Wu Neng cooks, clean the house, and Wen Neng counseled his children's homework.Wang Dashan in "Beautiful to You", Sun Lei in "Perfect Mom", is well organized by the family, and is nicknamed "family cooking husband" by netizens.Family drama creation allows more and more male characters to participate in housework. This character sets up to face the value and contribution of men's value and contribution to family affairs.The story of hard work to work hard, make useful attempts to create a harmonious and healthy social atmosphere.

  Creative concept:

  From focusing contradictions to discovering good

  In the era of new media, social media and short video platforms have become important positions for the episodes. The more the topics of a drama, the more likely it is to cause heated discussion among the audience and the attention of public opinion, becoming an explosion.For a period of time, in order to improve the degree of topical, some creators regarded "one place" as creative keywords, and deliberately set up various extreme drama contradictions and deformity family relationships, enlarged third -party intercourse, mother -in -law and other family problems.Blind negative emotions such as anxiety and anger.This excessive interpretation of the family crisis and the exaggeration of social issues, subtly affect the audience's perception of family and society, and it is easy to cause the deviation of their moral concepts and life cognition.In recent years, the creators have realized this problem, and have adhered to the creative concept of warm realism, so that the family drama has taken out the mud of the "family fighting drama", realizing the deep imagination of life from outlet, from the pavement of the feathers.Taste the fireworks on earth, from focusing on sharp contradictions or expressions of illusions, to the transformation of attention to warm reality and thinking about the meaning of life.

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  "Our Day" is based on three families and two generations. It shows that the family's close small group can provide people with a solid role in a solid role in the economy or spiritual.The middle -aged husband and wife in "Little Life" are facing actual difficulties such as the second child and the house is not enough to live, the change of house to buy a house, etc., always understand and support each other, and bear the pressure from the outside world.There are also "Dragon City" and "Cooked Year". Although there are collisions between family members, they also know how to communicate, take care of each other, and become the other party's gas stations and shelter.When these works are contradictory, they will work hard to find a good recipe for resolving contradictions, showing the positive impact of film and television creation on family life and even social development.

  Pay attention to warm reality, but also be good at using rich life details and unique artistic ingenuity to face contradictions, analyze problems, and resolve conflicts.In "The Glory of the Father", Liang Fengqin promoted Sandaogou Forest Farm to comprehensively stop and declare the work of the national park, and brought a huge psychological impact on the old forestry worker Gu Changshan, the old forestry worker.In the play, he did not describe Gu Changshan's incomprehension of Liang Fengqin and the persuasion of Gu Changshan for Liang Fengqin.When Gu Changshan proudly introduced the logging work to the children, the children not only did not worship him, but said that he was "strong bald" and destroyed the environment.This caused Gu Changshan to be contemplated, and slowly realized the significance of the harm of logging in the life of future generations, as well as the significance of ecological civilization construction in the current era.The creator uses this seemingly trivial "idle pen", weaves narrative texture, sew the storyline, and connects the family with the times, the small figures with the great history, in response to the general concern of the people, the confusion of existence, and then provide value guidance and guidance andLeading spirit.

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  With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their inner world and emotional experience.In this era of "strong individual signals", family dramas are facing huge challenges in maintaining the harmonious relationship between individuals and society and creating a good family and even social atmosphere.The creator should realize that no matter how the society develops, the family is the softest place for the Chinese.It is not only a food, drinking in Sri Lanka, and restraint, but also a collection of blood, affection, humanity, and spiritual belonging.Where do you go?From this perspective, cutting into creation, telling family stories, deeply thinking about social issues, and striving to make "bad personalization" into full and full of positive characters, and sublimate the "trivial little emotion" to the great love of the world.Social history is embedded in the context of the world, putting the sadness and joy of life on the curtain of the times. This should be the fundamental direction of future family drama creation.