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In 2039, what is the future life of Chongqing?

In the past,重大事件 we were buying a house to emphasize architectural texture and garden design.

But these are just from"hardware"This aspect is discussing the value of the house.

Except for hardware, a house"software"Service is also an important factor affecting the value of the house.

This is like a car brand, why Lexus's value preservation is always higher than other brands, because its owners generally enjoy the rights and interests of "free maintenance".

Don't underestimate the after -sales service and consumer rights in commodities. It directly affects the customer's experience and commodityIncreasing the value ofAttributes.

So what kind of house is a good "software" service system?

Recently, I built a letter in the central enterprise"2039 Future Preface Conference"I found a good answer.

Zhongjian · Guangyu, Zhongjian Qingneng · Yue City, Zhongjian · Nan Yanyu, the three hottest net red project linkage, launched a new lifestyle.

Among them, Guangyu launched the "4+N full -dimensional service system", leading the new era of South Chongqing people!


Youxiang supporting is a good service system

In my impression, starting from 2020, major developers have begun to "roll" the track of life service.

First, with the development of the construction process of the house, the products designed by each developer are converging, and a new track must be opened to distinguish the differences with friends;

The second is that the new crown epidemic in 2020 allows people to have higher and more similar pursuit of lifestyle, and is no longer satisfied with simple "door -looking" property services.

So we can see that many real estate companies have done a lot of value -added services for property services:

For example, regularly assist some owners with inconvenient actions to cook; for example, help some owners with poor car skills to park in the warehouse; for example, more rolled developers have begun to join for some malls' business management departments to create the "XX communityThe owner's dedicated parking space "...

In fact, for developers,It is difficult to achieve the full coverage of the owner's life scene.

Because it not only needs a developer to come up with real gold and silver to do this, but more importantly, this tests the developer's upstream and downstream facilitiesResource integration abilityEssence

This is similar to the "Xiaomi car" that has been hot recently. Lei Jun has the courage to build a car not only because he has money, but because he has opened up the upstream and downstream channels of the manufacturing link as a Fortune 500 company as a world's top 500 companies.Essence

Talking about our theme today, how did the central enterprise Zhongxin and how to break the situation of the 2039 future life service system?

The answer they give is:

4+N full -dimensional service system

4::The four major empty floors of the "All -year Fitness Club, Golden Coffee Bar, Free Library, AED Smart Medical" are carriers;

N::"Travel system, financial system, medical system, star service system, a number of exclusive rights and interests" n, all -dimensional services.

Below, let's take a look at what aspects it gives us the surprise in our life experience.


VIP respect for money that is difficult to buy

There is a famous proverb in China: silver money is like dung, and the face value is thousands of gold.

I don't want to emphasize how people need "face" here, but I want to tell everyone"Money is important, but it is really universal."Essence

For example, education is not to say that you are willing to give money to go to an ideal famous school.You have to buy a house and buy a house that meets the policy of policy to enter.

For another example, if you are in a small village in a 18th line, even if you have a family property, you need to enter the city, queue, and register when you want to heal.

For example, banks, everyone knows that banks have VIP VIP rooms, and good financial products in the bank are not qualified to enjoy ...

But how can I become VIP?

High -value houses are the best asset proof.

This time, China Caixinhe has perfectly transformed the buyer into a VIP VIP!

In travel, it united with Longteng.

Provide owners with high -net -worth individual exclusive services such as fast security inspection and VIP lounges, and also provide the owner with international driving license certification to meet the owner's global needs of life.

Medical, it signed a contract with a well -known public hospital.

In the future, it will provide a number of exclusive health rights such as 24 -hour family doctor services, annual free medical examinations, and secondary reimbursement of medical insurance for medical insurance affiliated to medical universities.

Financial, it cooperates with large banks.

Provide owners with high net worth asset management to make life more valuable and see more possibilities.

These services really do not only spend money!

From building a house to building and living, China Construction Xinxin and Chongqing 7 years, and the layout of 8 sons, which fell on the core or popular section.In 2017, China Jianxin and Banan entered the Chongqing market for the first time, and continued to cultivate Banan, always empowering the development of the city with the strength of the central enterprise, and coexisting with South Chongqing to build a better blueprint for life.So I don't exaggerate,Friends living in Banan, as long as you say that your family lives in the real estate where China Caixinhe lives, then you are destined to have a life of VIP!


Millions of Chongqing Quality ceiling

Speaking of which, I want to focus on recommending a "new" good disk:

Zhongjian Guangyu

(Schematic diagram of the project area)

The reason why this project wants to focus on not only because of its high quality in the entire South District, it is because it has an ultra -high cost performance:

1 million -level price,,You can buy a house with a comprehensive plot ratio of only 1.97.

(Motor at the Outside of the Project)

In more straightforward,:

It is the Chongqing Quality ceiling project within one million

Specifically, its high quality is reflected in these 3 "intentions":

1. Building attentive, iterated in the southern district facade value

My original impression of Zhong Caixin and this housing company was good atInnovationCreate differentiated competitiveness.

From Zhongjian · Longxi Terrace will combine Dading Floor and Villa's innovative air leap villa, to the minimalist glass lighting outside Zhongjian Qingneng Yuehe City;

From the "tidal -style building" of the Yubin Hospital of Zhongjian · Nanyu, to the three -stage flying -wing -wing -wing fluid building that is about to appear in China Construction ...

It is always able to fill the quality of the building in the same area, worthy of its "Chinese architecture".

Put on the project of Zhongjian Guangyu,It has a large area of glass flowing, an integrated expression of the glass curtain wall, Higher than the industry levelUltra -high window wall ratio, Make the building more transparent,

With the high -end gray color system of the building, it is more modern and stylish.

(Motor at the Outside of the Project)

The three -dimensional gate grille, the protruding arc -shaped door is added to the aluminum alloy grille design, which is more refined and three -dimensional.

(Project artistic map)

2. Gardens attentive, high -standard Moriyu Pan -Club

In the past, we always said that the improvement project in the North District was doing well because the new disk of high -quality improvement in the North District focused on unbounded and unbounded interaction space;

Based on this, Zhongjian Guangyu has made a comparable, even surpassing the full aging, multi -field, and multi -functional interaction of the northern district.

The two -section of the atmospheric gate door home design, a large area of water scenery space, flowing waterfall felling fantasy forest, multiple streamlined landscape nodes design ...

They have fully melted the boundaries of community supporting and natural landscapes, and created flowing vision and interpersonal interactive scenarios.

(Project artistic map)

(Project artistic map)

(Project artistic map)

3. Supporting intentions, full -function overhead layer clubs

24h unmanned coffee bar, 24H gym, 24h free library, 24HAED smart medical ...

Almost all the life scenes in our lives can be satisfied in the overhead layer of Guangyu.

(Zhongjian Qiyu overhead layer supporting real shot picture)

Looking back, Zhongjian Guangyu's architectural form, garden landscape, and overhead layers can find a "compatriot" project to compare -Zhongjian Qiyu.

Zhongjian Qiyu won TOP3 for Chongqing from January to August this year.Therefore, this time the teacher's same door and more cost -effective Zhongjian Guangyu also have"Explosive potential"Intersection



The "speculative" space of the current property market was almost reduced to "zero".

Our house truly returns to the living attributes. We need not only pay attention to the "hardware" quality of the house, but also pay attention to the "software" service.

Finally, let's summarize this Guangyu with the potential of explosive models:

Core position:It is a stop of one stop from the Chongqing South District Polar Nuclear Longzhou Bay Wanda Plaza;

great accessibility:200 meters out is the entrance and exit of the light rail station, and the travel is worrying;

Varling quality:Exquisite gardens, high -value facade, hardcover lobby, comfortable residence;

Omnipotent serviceThe"4+N full -dimensional service system", life is worry -free.

Live in your own, there are mature living facilities, high -quality garden facilities;

Investment, the controlled total price here, also greatly increases the future replacement rate and liquidity.

So in the face of such a very cost -effective project, what are you still hesitating?