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  High -altitude parabolic supervision, elevator safety monitoring, automatic fire alarm ... have you experienced a new "wisdom" change in these life, have you experienced it?

  In the "wisdom" era, a new technology integrates community governance, and is constantly enriching the application scenarios in people's daily life.

  From property management to life services, from home health to community medical treatment ... the tentacles of wisdom have gradually extended to all aspects of people's lives.

  How can digital technology make the community more intelligent and make life better?In this issue of "Innovation China", the research team of the Institute of Finance and Economics will focus on the smart community around us and explore a new way of life brought by technology.

  Science and technology empower the smart community booming

  The smart community is fully appliedAs well asAs well asFor information technology means, integrate various service resources in the community, and create a new form of community governance based on information, intelligent management and services.

  What kind of development is the current construction of my country's smart community?

  Ma Hong, deputy director of the National Smart Building and Residential Area Digital Standardization Technology Commission (SAC/TC426), told the research team that the construction of smart communities is to provide more comfortable and convenient capabilities for the people's living environment with digitalization.The real smart community construction starts from 2018-2019, accompanied by the Internet andThe development of the community has gradually realized the people -oriented, starting from the needs of residents, and providing the owner with a full range of "wisdom" feelings and happiness.

  With the improvement of urbanization, the size of my country's smart community market has maintained rapid growth.Related data show that by the end of 2023, the construction of smart communities in my country will give birth to a trillion -dollar market size.Challenges and opportunities gather on the fertile soil planning of the "New City Construction", which penetrates into the buds of the concept of "new people's residence", and presents a prosperous scene.

  "From the perspective of the country's industrial policy, the introduction of multiple encouragement policies has played a traction role for the development of the smart community.The forces of scientific and technological innovation have been widely used in the scenario of the smart community, and scientific and technological innovation provides a broad space for the true intelligence.In addition, the development of the modern service industry has also provided an effective lubrication effect for the smart community."Ma Hong believes that factors such as policies, scientific and technological innovation, and the development of service industry have promoted the rapid growth of the market size of the smart community.

  existAccording to Lu Dong, general manager of the Chinese Marketing Department, the smart community is very important for the development of technology companies and industries. "The community is composed of tens of millions of families. This is the most basic place for a happy life.In order to enhance the happiness of people's lives. "

  At the same time as the smart community industry is booming, there are still challenges such as data collaboration.How to eliminate data and set up digital bridges is an important issue that the current smart community construction needs to face and solve.

  The service of Qianli Honggou Community is more unblocked

  When visiting a smart community in Jinan, Shandong, the research team found that digital technology and platforms are incorporated into the daily services of community management, presenting many smart application scenarios -high -altitude monitoring camera allows the central control room to connect to the "high altitude high altitude as soon as possiblePangal "" early warning and trace the roots according to the trajectory; electric vehicle goes upstairs to enter the household monitoring platform can form integrated intelligent control with elevator control to effectively ensure the safety of residents of the community.

  The intelligent parking system solves the "difficulty of parking", and the "one -click call for help" in the elderly ... These scenes that are closely related to the people of the people have been given a wise brain, which effectively enhances the convenience of residents' lives.

  From technology to products, from scenes to application, build a precise, three -dimensional, and intelligent community to realize the good and orderly management and services of smart communities, and it is inseparable from the support of digital technology.What are the technological innovations behind this to support?

  According to Li Min, the platform product director of Shandong Zhongwei Century Technology Co., Ltd., the smart community has its own "heart" -management platform and supporting server.The platform can be compatible with different manufacturers' cameras, video recorders and other devices, and build terminal monitoring equipment in the system to achieve unified supervision and operation.At present, after the smart security all -in -one used in the smart community is embedded in the intelligent security management platform, each terminal can be shared in real time, breaking the dilemma of system independence and data islands.

  From the perspective of hardware, hardware equipment is the infrastructure of the smart community, and the leap of technology is particularly important for industry development.In the opinion of Yang Jian, general manager of Shenzhen Foundation Technology Co., Ltd., the essence of smart communities is the process of human -computer interaction. It should be people -oriented and classified and planned, thereby improving the design ability of hardware structure.

  Only when you are scientific and intimate, you can be more comfortable, so that you can really "benefit" the people.Adhere to the people -centered, adhere to the planning, demand -oriented, and safe development, accelerate the pace of the construction of smart communities, and explore more replicable successful experience in order to make the community more harmonious and orderly, the service is more temperature, and continuously enhance residents' sense of gain.A sense of happiness and security.

  Integrated resources Smart Medical Integration into the community

  As the aging population in my country continues to increaseThe acceleration of the urbanization process has become increasingly the focus of people's attention.Guided by the needs of elderly care for the elderly in the community, integrating the existing resources of the community, combining high -tech means such as smart medical care and smart pension, the construction of the smart community has injected new vitality and motivation for community medical and health services, and also provided residents with more convenientness to provide residents more convenientHigh -efficiency health services.

  Lu Yong, director of the Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, believes that community medical care requires new technical support, especially smart medical care, can achieve attention to the patient itself in the family environment, and help community residents to implement health management."For example, bone pine screening has always been the key task of osteo science. Previously, we could not achieve the request for healthy people to receive standardized and complex inspections, but through smart medical technology, we can use image examination to find that there may be reduced bone mass, so as to establish a establishment of establishment, so as to establish establishmentRich data set, "Lu Yong said.

  To this end, the research team visited the R & D team of AI bone density detection software to understand the mysteries of innovation of community health services.Here, the research team saw that unlike the traditional bone density instrument inspection, there is a "blessing" bone density detection system, and no additional inspection, radiation and operation are required.Calculate three -dimensional bone density.

  The founder and CEO of Huiying Huiying and CEO told the research team that in recent years, the community health centers of many big cities have been equipped with CT, coupled with the artificial intelligence bone density detection system, which can help these grass -roots institutions of the community health center are more convenient and fast., Effectively and low -cost osteoporosis screening and detection tasks.In addition to the use of equipment in the hospital, it can also be regionally deployed. By constructing a medical connection model, the medical equipment of the majority of community health centers can better use and play a role.

  Cooperate sharing the smart community in the future

  Science has no borders, and innovation is endless.Facing people's urgent needs for happy life and the challenges facing the development of smart communities, my country has continuously strengthened high -level scientific and technological cooperation with the international science and technology community to activate new kinetic energy for innovative cooperation.

  Lu Dong believes that in response to real -time, information security, management unity, and economic use is currently the challenges facing the development of smart communities.In order to better empower the smart community, an overall technical solution from cloud to edge, to the end has been established to create a strong computing platform."We work together with hardware manufacturers, software solution providers, integrators, and ecological partners in vertical fields to jointly build smart community solutions and cooperate together."

  Lu Dong said that the development of AI technology has provided new ideas for technology companies to create smart community solutions.In the future, pension, child care, pet breeding, community cultural life, etc. will be more intelligent, convenient, and warm due to technology.

  Regarding the difficulties and challenges facing the current development of the smart community, Ma Hong believes that the ultimate goal of community construction and governance is to achieve it through a game of chess, a net, and integration.How to really make data interconnection, standardization level and true collaboration are two aspects that need to be improved.

  "There are still many information islands in the construction of smart communities. Different operators operate different platforms, and do not really let business and data collaboration." Ma Hong said that in the next step, in the construction of the smart community, strengthenThe improvement of policies and regulations of governance, policy and regulations, and data assets are the goals that require struggle.

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