C Vision There are "apricots" in winter, and the peak period has arrived! The city is full of gold and poetry.

Sichuan's early winter "limited color" is 一刻资讯the golden color that belongs exclusively to ginkgo biloba. After beginning of winter, Bashu gradually entered the ginkgo viewing season. C Vision launched a campaign to collect images with the theme of "Apricot in Winter", and selected the best ginkgo images taken by C Vision photographers.

At present, Ginkgo biloba around the country has entered the best viewing period. Let's follow the lens of C visual photographers and enter the golden "fairy tale world" again!

Chengdu Jinjiang

Wangjianglou Park

C visual photographer Wang Ruilin Gong Quanyi

In the early winter, Wangjiang Tower near Jinjiang in Chengdu is particularly eye-catching. The golden ginkgo around Wangjianglou, against the quaint pavilions and the green Jinjiang water phase, draws a beautiful picture of urban ecology.

Qingbaijiang district, Chengdu

C visual photographer Bai Guibin

Ginkgo biloba in qingbaijiang district City is yellow, and the ginkgo biloba on both sides of Fengxiang Avenue is picturesque, which has become a beautiful scenery in the city.

Chenghua district, Chengdu

university of electronic science and technology of china

C visual photographer Tian Dili

Under the warm sunshine in early winter, ginkgo is just right on the campus of Shahe Campus of Chengdu University of Electronic Technology, and many Chengdu citizens come to punch in to keep the beautiful scenery in early winter.

Pengzhou in Chengdu

longxing temple

C visual photographer Ma Gang

Every year, Ginkgo Huang Shi in longxing temple, Pengzhou attracts many tourists. Pieces of "golden" spread out, and suddenly the wind rises and the leaves fall, which is really beautiful.

Youxian District, Mianyang City

C visual photographer Chen Dongdong

Recently, in Dongjin Road and Fule Mountain, Youxian District, Mianyang City, ginkgo garden was golden under the warm sun, which attracted many citizens to take photos and punch in to record the beautiful scenery in early winter.

Mingshan District of Ya 'an City


C visual photographer Luo Yuxi

At the foot of Mengding Mountain in Ya 'an, the golden ginkgo blossoms just right, which is in harmony with the ancient buildings under the blue sky and has a unique charm.

Executive: Zhao Ying and Guo Jiaying