Changting Innovatively Launches "Famous City Ancient Building Loan" to Activate Ancient Buildings

Southeast Network December 4 (Fujian Daily reporter Dai Min correspondent Chen Tianchang Zhong Lirong) In the recent 2023 Changting National Historical and Cultural City Protection Day,frontline information Changting's "Famous City Ancient Construction Loan" was officially released, and citizens Zeng Changrong and Wang Kailin successfully secured their old houses in Shuidong Street, which will be used for the further protection and utilization of the old houses.

Changting is the only county-level city among the five national historical and cultural cities in our province, and there are 4856 old traditional buildings in the core area of ancient city protection. In recent years, with the promotion of the protection and activation of local famous cities, the market value of these houses has gradually become prominent with the development of tourism.

"But in the protection of famous cities, some problems in the protection of ancient buildings have also been exposed." Li Jingsheng, the head of Changting County Famous City Management Committee, said that on the one hand, these ancient buildings have gone through hundreds of years, and there are security risks. Most of them have poor living environment and complex property rights, which are difficult to trade. Banks do not accept such houses as loan collateral, "which often leads to the embarrassment that residents living in them can't afford to repair them, but those who want to buy them can't."

Poor market liquidity and lack of financial support have led to these ancient buildings becoming "sleeping resources". "The limited financing function is not conducive to encouraging residents and social capital to actively participate in protection and repair, and to realize the activation, utilization and development of old traditional buildings." Li Jingsheng said.

How to solve the problem?

Li Jingsheng introduced that this year, they jointly conducted in-depth research with the county agricultural financing guarantee company, the county land and housing expropriation center and the local rural credit cooperatives, and launched special loan products for revitalizing traditional buildings.

Lu Laolin, deputy secretary and director of the Party Committee of Changting County Rural Credit Cooperatives Association, said that before financial institutions did not accept ancient buildings as loan collateral, they were worried that these ancient buildings would become non-performing assets and be difficult to dispose of.

In order to solve this problem, this loan product named "Famous City Ancient Construction Loan" adopts "mortgage+guarantee" loan, which is guaranteed by the county agricultural financing guarantee company; The borrower takes the buildings with clear traditional features such as property rights and disposal rights in the famous city protection area as collateral.

"It is guaranteed by state-owned enterprises, and it will be collected and stored by state-owned enterprises in case of problems, which solves the worries of financial institutions." Lu Laolin said that the newly launched "Famous City Ancient Construction Loan" is aimed at the ancient buildings in the core area of the ancient city, and there is no restriction on the housing structure and age, and this financial product has the characteristics of low interest rate, flexible use and high quota.

Chen Ronglu, the owner of Jichuan Bieyuan Inn, became the first person to "eat crabs". In May this year, Chen Ronglu secured a special loan of 670,000 yuan from the county rural credit cooperative union with the traditional architectural property of his own homestay as collateral, which expanded the operating scale of the homestay.

At present, Changting County Rural Credit Cooperative Association has granted a loan of 3 billion yuan to "Famous City Ancient Construction Loan". Since the trial operation of the product and its official launch on November 28th, 35 households have handled related loans of nearly 40 million yuan, and 26 households are still docking.