China's first intelligent blind road application scenario started.

Hangzhou Daily News Recently,real time news more than 40 people with severe visual impairment came to Hezhuang Cultural and Sports Center in Qiantang District, incarnating as "raiders of the lost ark", and launched an interesting "treasure hunt" in the first application scene of wisdom blind road in China.

At the scene, after the simple training of the staff of the R&D unit, the participants easily mastered the use of the wisdom cane. At the beginning of the activity, each participant got the wisdom cane distributed by the staff. After quickly connecting to the related small programs on their mobile phones, they turned into "raiders of the lost ark" on the designated route.

The treasure hunt route is nearly 100 meters long. Participants will pass through barrier-free ramps, barrier-free elevators and barrier-free doors, and go upstairs, go straight and turn under the guidance of the wisdom blind road. After reaching the finish line, participants can receive corresponding rewards by virtue of the "treasure list" on their mobile phones.

After the experience, visually impaired people praised the innovation of electronic blind roads-

"Enter the end point accurately on the mobile phone and follow the guide. There are voice prompts all the way, which is very clear. When I was looking for treasure, I was particularly happy when I heard the gold coin ringing. " Participant Shen Haidan said.

"Electronic blind roads are more accurate, more secure, more convenient and more humanized than traditional blind roads. The prompts of' Go Forward',' Turn Left' and' Turn Right' make us feel that the service is warm and caring. At present, I feel that there is a slight delay in matching, and I hope I can continue to improve. " Participant Zheng Yan said.

"Electronic blind roads can be located in bathrooms, conference rooms, offices and other places in buildings, which is more suitable for blind friends to travel, and I hope it can be promoted!" Participant Jiang Longxiang said.

The first "Treasure Hunt" of the "Qiantang Cup" is guided by the Hangzhou Blind Association, and jointly sponsored by the Qiantang District Disabled Persons' Federation and the Hezhuang Sub-district Office of Qiantang District.

In recent years, Hangzhou Disabled Persons' Federation and Qiantang Disabled Persons' Federation have devoted themselves to building the Hezhuang Cultural and Sports Center in Qiantang District as a model of the national advanced barrier-free cultural and sports center. After successfully building the first barrier-free swimming pool in China, they also focused on information barrier-free construction, and created the first intelligent blind road application scene in China.