Chengbu "Xu Teli Project" officially started.

Original title: Chengbu "Xu Teli Project" officially started.

At the groundbreaking ceremony.

Red Net News November 29th(Correspondent Peng Huirong) On November 28th,热点新闻 the groundbreaking ceremony for the "Xu Teli Project" of county-level ordinary high schools in Chengbu Miao Autonomous County was held in Chengbu No.2 Middle School. Annababy Zeng, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department and Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the County Party Committee, attended the ceremony and announced the commencement of the work. The main person in charge of the County Education Bureau attended.

The "Xu Teli Project" in Chengbu No.2 Middle School is a practical project for the provincial party committee and government to revitalize ordinary high schools in the county, and it is also a practical action for the county party committee and government to pay attention to education, attach importance to running schools, and guarantee and improve people's livelihood. The construction content of the project includes two new Teli teaching buildings, North (A) and South (B). The project plans to invest 30.65 million yuan with a total construction area of 7338.45 square meters. There are 25 new classrooms and 8 multi-functional rooms. It is estimated that the main project will be completed in August 2024 and put into use in September 2024.

In order to implement the relevant work requirements of the Provincial Department of Education on the construction of the "Xu Teli Project", the county party Committee and the county government attached great importance to it and set up a special class for project construction, implementing "scheduling on Monday, one week"Supervise",to ensure the rapid progress of the project, the relevant functional departments closely cooperate and cooperate with each other, give play to the linkage role of departments, shorten the processing time of the relevant examination and approval procedures for project construction, and accelerate the implementation of the project.

It is understood that after the completion of the project, it is estimated that 1,250 new degrees will be added, which will lead the standardization construction of Chengbu ordinary high schools, effectively promote the improvement of school-running conditions and quality of county-level ordinary high schools, promote the balanced development of education at this stage, and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of "strengthening the county through education".