[Zhejiang University Financial Family Lecture Hall] Jin Jiankang: Fan Ye's business thoughts on the high -quality development of the banking industry borrowed and enlightened

Zhejiang University Financial Hall Lecture Hall

"Seeking Think Tank" series of lectures and the "Special Topics of Financial Frontier The特快资讯ory and Practice" of the Master of Finance of Zhejiang University


topic:Fan Ye's business thought on the high -quality development and revelation of the banking industry



host:Yu Jiefang   Deputy Director of the Department of Finance of Zhejiang University School of Economics


Zhejiang University Dunhe Finance (Quantitative Finance) Development Fund

Zhejiang University Asset Management Research Center


Jin Jiankang, a master's degree, is a senior economist, is currently the party secretary and chairman of the Shaoxing Bank.He has served as director of the Office of the Bank of China County Sub -branch, deputy director of the business department of the Municipal Branch, Director of Retail Business Department, President of the County Branch, Deputy Governor of the Municipal Branch; Deputy President of Wenzhou Bank, Chairman of the Supervisory, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Deputy Chairman, Deputy Bank of the Bank, Deputy BankLong; Shaoxing Bank President and other positions.Jin Jiankang is engaged in financial work30For many years, the background of both state -owned banks and background and backstage, as well as the director of the city's business banks and supervisors, has strong professional ability and rich practical experience. It is a composite expert in the financial industry.






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